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This article set was written in 2005. While that may sound recent, in web development years, that was actually a long time ago. Most of the advice is still relevant, but please take it with a grain of salt. A number of details have evolved since then.
Lost in the world of Web Designers?

Web designers are like mechanics.
They're out to help you, but their first priority is to make a living.

Some people go to mechanics with absolutely no knowledge of their cars. They pick the most expensive shop because it's the first one they find. They can't articulate exactly what they need fixed. They're at the mercy of the expert.

Other people do a little research first. They choose a mechanic that does excellent work and doesn't overcharge. They learn the basics of car maintenance before going in. They explain what they want fixed. They make educated decisions about how to spend their money. And they can spot a scam from a mile away.

Fortunately, websites aren't cars. They're much easier to learn about. Here's your first lesson:

The Two Most Important Truths About Websites

  1. You need one. (Don't believe me? Start here.)
  2. Thousands of people want to build it for you. (Take a look!)

It's your responsibility to educate yourself before opening your wallet.

It's easy to get a website. This is where you start.

This site offers a set of articles and reliable resources to help you get started. Read them and share them with others. With this knowledge, you'll get the website of your dreams without breaking your budget.

Ultimately, your website depends on you.